S.A Police Looking For Zimbabwean Murder Suspect

South African police are on the hunt for a Zimbabwean man believed to have murdered his wife in a case of a vehicle hit and run.

Byo 24 reports that a Zimbabwean man named Alexio Mukanda, 26, is being sought by South African police regarding the death of his wife, Rejoice Giyane, who was killed on Wednesday last week in Rust-en-Vrede Street in Ridgeworth, Bellville.

Eye witnesses say when Giyane finished work she walked in the direction of the bus stop. Her estranged husband wanted her to get into his vehicle, but she refused. She then proceeded to walk towards the bus stop.

It is said Mukanda then drove the car towards her, knocking her over, and then drove the car into a tree before running away from the crime scene.

Giyane was rushed to hospital where she later died from injuries she sustained. Police believe Mukanda may have fled the Western Cape and could be on his way to Zimbabwe.

Two things could have happened here, either it was an accident and he panicked or he knew what he wanted to do but his crime went wrong when he hit the tree. Either way, we really don’t have many words for Mukanda, I mean what you say to someone who thinks they can solve their problems by being emotional about the issues?

There are roughly 7 billion people in the world if half of those are under the age of 18, we are left with 3.5 billion adults, and if roughly half of those are men we are left with about one billion seven hundred and fifty million women.

One billion seven hundred and fifty million minus 750million weirdoes and other people who have no interest in things of a sexual nature like nuns, priests and the like, we are left with roughly one billion women available to pursue sexual relations with.

Now we don’t know what issues these two were going through, but from the simply calculations above its obvious that Mukanda must be really bad at maths, because one billion is quite a large selection to choose from, if this relationship had failed he should have, like some people say ” kept it moving”.



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