S.A.F.A Set To Tighten Soccer League Rules

The South African Football Association and the South African Premier league may make changes that could affect many Zimbabweans hoping to play in the South African League.

South African teams have for many years signed the cream of Zimbabwean players, but there is talk of plans to introduce strict regulations that will make it difficult to sign foreign players.  One rule that may take effect this season is that second tier South African league will be required to play a minimum of five SA born U-23 players in each and every league and cup game.

Rules like this will make it technically very difficult for foreign players to play South African teams . This affects mostly Zimbabwean players who make up the largest group of foreign nationals playing in South Africa.

The debate among South African fans and officials is whether foreign players have stunted the development of the South African league and whether this also negatively affects the performance of S.A’s national teams.

On the other hand Zimbabwean fans have complained that a player moving to South Africa makes the Zimbabwean league less competitive. Yet it’s no secret that the reason why players move is because they are seeking better salaries and the international exposure that comes with playing for teams in S.A.