S.A Businessman Appeals To Zimbabwe Police Chief

Diederick Jacobus Coetzer a South African businessman who found himself at the wrong end of the law in Zimbabweclaims he is being discriminated against because of his race and nationality.

Coetzer is reported to be developing a multi-million rand, mining project in the Inyathi area of Bubi district.

Coetzer was arrested on January 21 with colleagues Dereck Nielson and Dewet Reginald Jacobs for violating immigration laws.

The three men appeared in court two days later charged with breaching sections of the Immigration Act. They were released on US$400 bail. Coetzer had surrendered his vehicle as surety.

Coetzer has now appealed to ZRP chief Augustine Chihuri and the High Court after Matabeleland North police refused to release his vehicle even after he was cleared on charges of allegedly violating the country’s immigration laws.

Just last week we reported of Chinese nationals who were deported for flaunting  immigration laws. At times some people feel they can come to Zimbabwe carrying the privileges they have in their countries.  We think no one is above Zimbabwean law.

However if it is true that Inyathi police are refusing to give Coetzer his car, then their boss really needs to address this issue.