Robberies Up By 20% – Police

Zimbabwe police say robberies have gone up by a staggering 20% from last year.

They say there is an average of 20 robberies a day now. According to crime statistics at least 1 877 rob­beries with other weapons were committed last year compared to 2 023 so far this year while 2 497 robbery without weapons have been reported in 2012 against 2 100 in 2011.

However the good news is that armed robberies have gone down by 22%.

Domestic violence is still worryingly on the rise.  with a 30% rise recorded over last year so far. Yes, folks, 30% more cases of domestic violence than last year.

Drug cases went up by 9%; fraud and theft of motor vehicles by 7%; murder and assault in increased by 4%.

In total so far the increase is by about 2% in terms of total crimes across the board. Of course with a vigilante or victim culture still the norm we can safely say that this is still a bit conservative as quite a few cases go unresolved.

With information from The Sunday Mail (Zimbabwe)

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