Roadblocks Manned By Less Than 3 Officers Illegal – Cops

The Zimbabwe Republic Police says that roadblocks that are manned by less than 3 cops should be ignored and treated as illegal.

The national Deputy Officer Commanding Traffic, Assistant Commissioner Kenny Mthombeni accused corrupt cops of setting up illegal roadblocks.

He told members of the public to ignore illegal roadblocks and report said people to their bosses. Of course he didnt say what would happen if the police accused you of resisting arrest and then locked you up on that charge. That always happens when a cop doesn’t find anything to pin on you and you ask to be let go. Then they say they have the right to question you as much as they like. You get irritable and they accuse you of resisting arrest. You have not done anything but after being falsely accused of something, they then now have something to arrest you for. Of course with a cool $5 or $20 bill they will let you go. Extortion has just happened.

It is good to see the ZRP taking a stand against corruption though. For long people have accused the force of not being interested in reigning in its own. Now there seems to be a concerted effort to get rid of the rot with some already arrested in the past few weeks.

There is still a lot to be done but it is a good start.