As We Reflect On Independence Day…

Often times we take Independence Day too lightly and to some extent politicians are to blame for making the national holiday a political one.

However, no matter what political persuasion a person might affiliate themselves with; the issues of freedom and Independence are everyone’s issues.

Zimbabwe has gone through a lot, most of it very difficult, yet despite all this Zimbabweans remain relatively peaceful people.

At we are proud to be part of a community of Zimbabweans who are inside and outside Zimbabwe, black and white,people who belong to this political party and that political party, people who have stopped pointing fingers and playing the blame-game, people who are all united under one name-Zimbabwe.

As we reflect on Independence Day, let us not let other people tell us what the Zimbabwean story should,we should tell that story because we still have the ability and responsibility to shape and develop the Zimbabwe we want to see for our children and grandchildren.

Happy Independence Day folks!