Red Bull S.A Stops Airing “Jesus” Advert

Looks like the makers of Red Bull have riled many Christians with their advert that stars a cartoon character that portrays Jesus.

The advert aired as a television commercial is based on the biblical story in which Jesus walked on water. A conversation between two other characters seems to suggest that the Jesus character is able to walk on water and perform miracles because he drinks Red Bull. The Jesus character denies this claim by saying that all it takes is knowing where the stepping stones are in order to be able to walk on water.

The South Africans advertisers are now in the habit of making adverts that rub some people the wrong way. Remember the South African Nandos advert that was also pulled off the air a few months ago due to its poor taste?

After facing criticism from both Christians and Muslims in South Africa, the manufacturer has decided to stop the advert.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think.

If the video above does not play please click here.

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