Harare Prostitutes Just Not Aggressive Enough

So we found ourselves at some semi-seedy joint in Harare the other night and we had friends who, well, are not averse to buying sex.

While standing, where we were, we noticed that every time one of our friends tried to get the attention of a seller of bodily wares she would give him the look. It is the kind of look you get from a girl who wants you to hustle her. She wants you to jump over hoops and show her that you are worth her attention.

We find that a bit funny. It is like saying that you should go ad serenade a supermarket to buy from it. What’s that all about? If you go to the Diplomats hotel in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, South Africa you will have to fight them off. That way you simply choose the one you want to spend money on and she provides a service. She doesn’t need to be treated like someone he wants to have a long-term relationship with. She wants short-time or just one-night. It is a cash transaction and you don’t have to see each other again.

We think the ladies of the night do themselves a great disservice when they do that. Mind you one tends to see it in the younger ones. The older ones and the ones on the street come after you in one way or another. Perhaps the younger ones still think that they are not in the trade. For them the need to survive has not set in yet and as long as they have men making an effort to get with them, then they are fine.

But imagine how much more they would make if they actually seduced men… Unless our friends were buying from the wrong place.

  • Zaniest

    hmmmm, u guys got an obsession with prostis, good write ups though, i enjoy reading them all