‘Prophets’ Makandiwa and Angel Face Arrest

Religious leaders United Family International Church’s Emmanuel Makandiwa and Uebert Angel Mudzanire of Spirit Embassy International could find themselves in jail.

They face arrest for operating outside the Traditional Medical Practitioners Council Act. The act says that all traditional healers, prophets and spirit mediums claiming to have healing powers must be registered with the Zimbabwe Traditional Medical Practitioners’ Association. The pair are not.

If found guilty the two could face up to two years in prison.

The church says they are not traditional healers but but the council quoted by The Herald claim that they could be classified as such.

We can see where the council is coming from. Conventional traditional healers call on ancestors while the so called prophets call on their version of spirit mediums for help. So in principle they fall in the same bracket.

What would be interesting to find out are the requirements for being a member. It is not as if Makandiwa started operating yesterday which in essence means that someone has seen has an opportunity to make money. The other option would be someone has gotten a bit jealous.

We are sure they will come to some financial agreement. After all, this is just business.

  • masimba hwati

    It’s safer to meddle with issues within your scope of understanding ..the supernatural is a big and complex oceans that’s often indescribable and ..you dont want to mess with God’s business as well ..trust me

  • murambatsvina

    this is madness gone on rampage. this is just as good as classifying pigs in the same cartegory with human beings. this is crazzy. how can whitchdocters share the same cartegory with Christianity? this is crazzy

  • GIZA

    Just as Prophet Uebert Angel PROPHESIED on the 1st of July 2012, “It was in the morning that God showed me conspirators who will gather to plot and level accusations against a man of God I am close to (PROPHET EMMANUEL MAKANDIWA). I see them gather, BEHIND THE SCENES bringing accusations that have to do with a lot of nonsense. In fact I can actually see them start their BACKGROUND MEETINGS on THURSDAY @ 09:05am in the morning, Some newspapers will even carry this story and it will get to a point where he might even get arrested and I will also be at the forefront of such accusations”
    EXACTLY as PROPHET UEBERT ANGEL PROPHESIED and PROPHET EMMANUEL MAKANDIWA aslo did before their congregations a newspaper article has surfaced confirming the prophecy fulfillment of such baseless allegations being leveled.

    • Lol but this is not new. The issue came to news late but it has been a month a so

  • Can you say ‘targetted’ – For years and years pastors have been praying for people to get healed. Why is it only now that they are going after these 2????
    Also, if they use that criteria then the prisons are going to be full because MANY pastors, bishops, priests, madzibaba etc also pray for people to be healed.
    I just hate it when people target only one group. Be consistent

    • The other side is that the law is updated over time. Perhaps they are but who knows?

    • Jackdee

      Challenging and investigating Makandiwa and the other is a democratic process were in a state there is freedom of speech, opinion, association, disassociation,religion & rule of law etc. U might be happy with Makandiwa bit other mite hav a bone to chew with him rightly so or falsely so , that a democratic right.
      Any organisation civic or religious is a political threat and as such must be monitored and or checked ! This is practises by or countries so do just think CIO , but think also FBI , KGB , Mossad etc.
      The problem with some people is that they think the word democracy ‘ s meaning is the removal of Bob from offices Kikiki ….
      Let’s auntheticate our religious leaders as well… That is democratic too, for religious power is political power! Munofunga Madhara kupfeka magown vachienda kumasowe kunokambena that’s a joke ? Well it’s not

      • Well there is a lot of truth in that analysis. Openness must always be at the forefront of every public conversation