Could Open Prison Be The Answer To Zimbabwe’s Woes?

The other day we wrote an article titled U.S.A Prison Population Shockingly High. The article prompted a number of interesting responses from our readers.

We were fascinated by one particular response. Although the reader missed the point of the article, they raised some very intriguing points about the number of people incarcerated in Zimbabwe prisons.

The figures provided by the reader cannot be verified but the writer made pertinent points regarding the bad state of prisons in Zimbabwe.

The story by New Zimbabwe, that there are an estimated 30 toddlers who are in prison with their mothers seems to suggest that a change in the prison system is long overdue.

Yet it is not all doom and gloom, there has been talk of launching a pilot project at a Marondera prison based on the open prison system.

Open prison is a system where inmates with relatively light sentences could check in during the day and check-out in the evening. Such a system would mean incarcerated mothers can serve their prison term during the day and go to be with their children during the evening.

In our opinion an open prison system could be the first step in decongesting Zimbabwe prisons.  But we also know such an endeavour  requires planning and resources…a whole lot of it.

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