Poverty Drives Young Rural Girls Into Trading Sex For Food

Sometimes when you sit in the partially lit-up urbs you forget that life is real out there.

A report in this week’s edition of The Standard  out of Murambinda says that young girls are having to trade their chastity for money to pay for food and other expenses including school fees.

Yes, that is the Zimbabwe we live in right now and this is happening on our watch.

According to the report, their main clients are illegal miners, truck and buss drivers as well as NGO and governments workers.

The fear beyond the moral implications of this lifestyle is the risk these girls are exposed to healthwise. You can just see a situation where some fiend abuses insists on having unprotected sex with one of these girls because he can. Then you can all see a situation where she doesn’t have the tools to stop the situation from escalating.

It is depressing when you think this is happening to these girls in Buhera. Add that to the realisation that this situation is only speck of dust on the Great Dyke compared to what could be happening out there.

It’s real out there. Something’s got to be done.

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    So sad