Has This Popular Harare Brothel Set Up An Enquiries Website?

It seems as if prostitution is coming into the digital age as popular Harare after popular ‘brothel’ Sloan Court set up a website.

We can’t even write the title of the site here because our mothers would have a fit but it seems as if the brothel has taken soliciting off the streets.

On the website there is a prompt on the home page which asks you to leave contact details with a promise to get back as soon as possible.

In the site there are a couple of pictures showing a bit of what is on the menu, not quite pornographic but enough to race the pulses of those who have a thing for those sorts of shenanigans.

Sloan Court which is near Fife Avenue shops is a popular destination for  men who tend to look for morally-questionable women in exchange for a few dollars. It has a 24-hour service and you have women sitting outside waiting to be picked up or to get a man into their rooms.

It’s history has some nobility though. Legendary writer Dambudzo Marechera once stayed there.

Because prostitution is illegal in Zimbabwe, the place is not officially a brothel but, well, you don’t have to be a robotics Phd graduate to know what goes on there.

If this is them running it, could it be the first ‘escort’ or ‘adult services’ site in Zimbabwe?

  • bataimunhu

    someone please tell the website im trying to google it but its not appearing in search results

  • bataimunhu

    someone please tell me the website im trying to google it but its not appearing in search results

  • How it would be fun to hack into the site and get all the information of men who wouldve signed up.lol

  • hot mad

    chihure chakuitwa muno muharare hachitaurike.u see husbands leavin wifes fo these rotten gals who dnt have class vanongorara ne chero.its funny how man r afraid of babies not hiv,aids,stds.can u imagn kut these man they dnt want to be cheated wit their wifes but vanonomira line rekutundira nasiiwa neumwe or varume..its very sad.then then they pay futi….