Politician Steals Car At Car Show-Reports

Police arrested 38-year-old Aaron Muzungu a former official of MDC 99 who allegedly drove away with a car at a Ford Motor Company car show.

It is said Muzungu had shown interest in buying the pickup. When he sat in the Ford Ranger T6, the keys were in the ignition. We suppose it is at that point that the devil whispered in his ear and temptation got the best of him.

We don’t know how Muzungu managed to drive off in the car, what we know is he managed to clock 1,300 kilometers on it. For his adventure he faces car theft charges and was remanded to the 19th of June.

Job Sikhala’s MDC 99 issued a statement distancing them from Aaron Muzungu, describing him as a “fraudulent man”.

It seems like this gentleman has a bit of a problem when it comes to fancy cars because MDC 99 also claims that Muzungu had previously “defrauded ZANU PF spokesman, Rugare Gumbo of his Mercedes Benz purporting to be a car dealer.This fact only came to light when he was involved in an accident with Gumbo’s car.

Some people certainly know how to get famous for the wrong reasons.