Police Procedure For Dealing With Use Of Cellphone While Driving Explained

We just got tagged on the issue of using your cellphone while driving –  which is an offence under Zimbabwean law –  by Rudo Nyangulu and we thought we should share it with you.

Please note that the ZRP are authorised to deal with you as follows if you are seen driving and talking on your mobile phone at the same time:-
1. You will be asked to pull over;
2. You will have to drive to the nearest Police station and sign an admission of Guilt and a docket will be opened against you for breaking the law;
3. The Police will not lock you up once you sign the Guilt form but you will thereafter be
4. Summoned to go to court depending on the Magistrate you get on the day you can be fined starting at US$1500 to upwards of US$5000 and also if the Magistrate feels you need to be taught a lesson or made an example of you can also go to JAIL for a minimum of 2 weeks.
5. Please note there are NO SPOT FINES for this offence.

You are allowed to use a Hands Free Kit while driving.
This information has been given by a Reputable Legal Practitioner in Harare for your benefit and safety.

We think you shouldn’t be talking on the phone while driving because it endangers a lot of people. Your concentration is divided and your decisions are not the best in those circumstances.

But then again we see a lot of people paying the other ‘spot fine’.