PM Tsvangirai Wants Old NSSA Board Arrested

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has called for the arrest of the old National Social Security Authority (NSSA) board who have been accused of various crimes like fraud, bribery, corruption and outright theft.

The PM wrote a letter to  Minister of Labour and Social Services, Paurina Mpariwa, outlining a report which found the ex-board was dipping its fingers in the coffers at the expense of the masses that it was meant to serve.

The thing that also quite rightly was of concern the PM was that this report was compiled and completed a year and a half ago and yet has not been acted on.

That is the thing though isn’t it? Noone really gets convicted of corruption in this country. That is the reason why the fat cats,  small cats and anyone who can steal, well, steals. There are no real consequences unless you steal 20 dollars worth of stuff from a shop. Chances are you do not have good lawyer or access to the ‘right conversation’ to make sure you do not get in the slammer.

So those who steal, like the old NSSA board will keep stealing because they know they will get away with it.  It’s not a good look but that is what it is.

We have  Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission. What on earth are they doing?

That’s the sad state of our Zimbabwe right now.