PM Tsvangirai Keeping Up With The Gonos and Kerekes

Zimbabwe Prime Minister has moved into his new plush $2,5 million mansion in the leafy suburb of Highlands.

PM Tsvangirai, who is set to marry Elizabeth Macheka two weeks from now, got the property for $800,000 in 2007 and had it renovated to the cool tune of 1,5 million with the state picking up the cheque.

Remembe, a few years ago after the PM got into power, he wanted to move into the one of the State Houses and was apparently blocked by President Robert Mugabe. He then protested, huffed and puffed pretty much with his party even boycotting cabinet meetings until the matter was resolved. The government then agreed to renovate his mansion and now he gets to move into the plush new home.

He weds his woman on 15 September in private ceremony.

With the nouveau-rich being black these days, it is no longer about keeping up with the Joneses. There are the Kerekes and Gonos these days.

Ah, money!

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