PM Paying Maintenance For Love Child

New Zimbabwe ran an article today saying the Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai is paying $1,400 maintenance for his child with a Bulawayo woman, Loreta Nyathi.

The PM who has had a colourful love life since the death of his wife Susan a few years ago apparently agreed to an out court settlement when the child was revealed last year and he was said to not be taking care of it. He has since gotten married recently.

It is said that other than the maintenance the PM has shown very little interest in Ethan.

While we applaud the fact that the PM has taken responsibility for his child, financially, for him to take no interest beyond that is regrettable at best. While there may be arguments about how much or little the money given is, spending time with your child means more money than whatever money you can give them.

We hope at some point that the child will not grow to hate its father because of emotional negligence. We hope the PM does the right thing.

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