PM Introduces Wife To President Mugabe

The Herald reports that Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai formally introduced his new wife Elizabeth Macheka to President Mugabe and Vice President Joice Mujuru at State House yesterday.

We are hoping that this finally puts to rest, the various rumours pertaining to the marital status of the PM.

Ever since the death of Tsvangirai’s wife in a horrible car accident in 2009, news about his relationship with women was fodder for Zimbabwean news agencies.

There were pregnancies and rumours of pregnancies that linked the good PM to at a couple women, which automatically earned him his playboy status.

The national press reports that the PM made the introduction out of courtesy because as a public figure, one needs to do these things. We can’t help but to visualise the introduction similar to one that would come out of “Scarface” or any of the “Godfather” movies, ring kissing and all.

We wonder how that conversation went…