Is Pirate Music Website Meagaupload Returning?

Kim Dotcom founder of Megaupload, the website that was slapped with a federal indictment for hosting pirated music, scored a valuable victory when a court ruled that $750,000 in funds and cars should be returned to him.

Among other things, Dotcom regained possession of a $301,000 bank account and his Mercedes-Benz G55AMG. Other property that was seized based on an order from the US District Court remains in the hands of the New Zealand authorities for the time being.

Megaupload was shut down by the USA federal agents a few months ago and then things looked really bleak for Kim. When Kim got arrested it was blasted all over the internet, the silence surrounding these latest developments is rather conspicuous.

People who used to enjoy downloading free mix tapes and listening to open-air pirated music on could be smiling.

If Kim wins his case in court he may just win the right to continue hosting Megaupload. This would make his 150 million registered users and 50 million daily visitors very happy.