Physical Security Matters

For many, especially among our readers, the word security has become synonymous with the cyber world.


The reality is that we have almost forgotten about physical security or to at least talk about it. This is not to suggest that we leave our doors open or give no attention whatsoever to strangers entering our premises but there is something of a reactive approach than a proactive one. Only when someone enters our premises illegally do we think that reinforcing it is necessary.

The idea of having CCTV for example seems so foreign for many Zimbabweans, most of whom consider it a luxury. Yet it could be the difference between life and death or at lease damage. Think of it this way. A person who intends harm could make all sorts of noises outside. You go out to have a look and they harm you. A CCTV would have stopped all that from happening.

In certain areas of Harare for example, burglaries have become the norm. And crime figures when released by the police see an increase in home invasions. The way the economy is going the fear is that a further rise is expected and with electricity supply being an, issue vulnerability increases.

This has meant that the need for employing security companies for private citizens has become pertinent.

It looks all very well and dandy to get your muzukuru who doesn’t have a job from kumusha to do it which he will not baulk at but if you want something more solid you will of course want to look at proper trained solutions. This is of course on top of the non-human solutions such as reinforced gates and the sort.

We will be producing a series of articles talking about security in partnership with Elkwood Security

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