Pfizer Recalls Birth Control Pills

The news that giant drug manufacturer Pfizer has recalled about a million packets of birth-control pills is probably going to give some people heart attack.

Pfizer confirmed on Wednesday that some pills were not packaged correctly in the U.S.A. The drugs that were pulled down have been on the market for some time and Pfizer’s’ mishap could affect thousands of women.

As most people know, women who take oral contraceptives are supposed to take a certain pill each day as guided by the packs in order to prevent pregnancy, taking the inert pills at the end of a monthly cycle.

Pfizer said it believes only 30 packs had packaging problems, including having the active and inert tablets out of order, or lacking the proper amount of each kind of pill. Such an error raises the risk of unplanned pregnancies among women who relied on the pills.

We are not too sure  that only 30 packets had problems, that equation does not seem right, 30 packers were defective and Mr Pfizer recalls a million packs, someone somewhere is either lying or their mathematics really sucks.

Source: Rolla Daily News