Petition Against Touts Attacking Women In Mini-Skirts

An online petition has been started against touts or hwindis attacking women in mini-skirts in Zimbabwe.

This is especially prevalent in Harare particularly in the Gulf area.

It is addressed at Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa. It was created by Lynn Chikosha in the United Kingdom. In it she says it is not up to the hwindis to play judge and jury when deciding what is inappropriate clothing. She calls for the minister to arrest touts who engage in such activities.

To be honest, we are disgusted that this has been going on for so long and very rarely do you hear that the perpetrators have been brought to book. Zimbabwe is a lot better than this. The idea that a woman cannot walk about the city in shorts because she could get beaten up is an embarrassment to all of us. Rather than telling the women to watch what they wear, shouldn’t we be saying that they should have the right to do so? Only when there are issues of public indecency involved, that is to say, she was nude, then should the LAW and not mob justice come into play.

Besides, we like women in shorts and mini-skirts in the summer. Any decent man with a pulse does.

We think everyone who reads this should be signing this petition. To do so, click here.

  • Dreadlox

    As much as you might think this behaviour is disgusting, I think these touts and hwindis have a role to play in ensuring that the women in our society are properly dressed. I think they make excellent judges and jury when it comes to that. Have you heard of them doing that to a properly dressed woman? I believe not. This shows that they also respect women and only do that to women who don’t respect themselves enough to dress appropriately in certain areas. I also like women in shorts and minis even in summer but in certain places. kwete kuenda pagulf as you mentioned dressed like that. They’d surely get whats coming to them

    • That is an unfortunate comment

      • Smith

        Why should this petition be started by someone based in the UK? Does she have enough information or can confirm that this is really happening? Has she got any information on any woman who was attacked by hwindis and nothing was done? Have there been any reports of any woman being attacked by a hwindi done to the police. How many women are attacked by hwindis in a year? Can she provide this information to justify this petition she has started. I dnt think so. Ngaasapedze nguva yedu by starting zvinhu izvi. There are other issues to be dealt with. Ngaazive nezvekuUK ikoko kwete kuda kutarnisha image yedu muno.

        • Oh it is happening, a lot. Women are afraid to walk in town in mini-skirts

        • nandi5

          Being in the UK does not mean you are not aware of what is happening at home. I go to Zimbabwe 3 times a year and spend a month each visit but I live in the UK for the the greater part of the year. Zimbabwe is my home so therefore I am affected by what happens in Zimbabwe. Hapana arikupedza nguva yako as signing is not compulsory just don’t sign if you do not agree with the cause. I am surprised you read the article and had time to comment on a issue you do not care about or are you annoyed that the initiator is in the UK and you are in Zimbabwe. I cant tell what your problem is. Signing takes a second and you spend much more whingeing.

    • nandi5

      I think this is a very foolish comment. Touts do not have any mandate to control people’s personal choices. Is Gulf not in free Zimbabwe where people have the right to freedom and safety as they go about their business.

  • Some of them are not Hwindis, just street urchins who are busy harassing women. But a safe transport system is whats needed. Surely arresting them does what? They are released and back on the streets. Things are bad enough between hwindis and the police. In actual fact the police will call you a prostitute if they see you with a mini skirt. Its a societal problem and safety for women is needed when travelling at night, at kombis so this rubbish male opressive behaviour can be handled. But the police is not where the solution lies.

    • Brought to book means, arrest and try them

      • Exactly and have law enforcements not agreeing with the verbal abusers, defending women. But I mean the same force arrests women after the ‘curfew’.

  • ladyjockeyempressbabe

    People, tell the truth, when was the last time any of you were in town? This is stale news. I do town on a daily and because I work in the retail fashion industry I’m overly concerned by what people on the street are wearing. “Stripping” girls came to an end when “zhingas” took over. I’m extremely liberal and push boundaries with every outfit I wear and I am constantly (pleasantly) suprised by how much tolerance Zim women are being given. I’ll sign the petition because freedom of expression is something I believe in, but I seriously doubt that anyone has been stripped in the last couple of years. Cheap chinese fashion put an end to that.

  • Superman

    By walking semi-naked you are infringing on my children’s right to not see semi-naked women. And by doing so you are as well liable to having your rights to not being harassed infringed. Given too much freedom people can go far.

    • Shouldn’t the law and not vigilante justice be the custodian of such things though?