One Person Dead In Kenya Bomb Attack

A bomber yesterday attacked worshippers in a Kenyan church in the capital Nairobi, killing one worshiper and injuring a number.

Reports claim a worshipper set off a grenade during a church service causing chaos and killing one worshipper.

Sunday’s attack follows a U.S. Embassy warning that a terror attack on prominent government buildings and hotels in Nairobi could be imminent.

The attack also comes after last Thursday’s wave of co-ordinated suicide bomb attacks in Abuja and Kaduna targeting media houses including Nigeria’s influential This Day Newspaper. Attackers armed with bombs and guns opened fire at two church services at the university campus, killing around 20 people as worshippers tried to flee, witnesses and officials said.

Al-Qaida-linked al-Shabab militants from neighboring Somalia have vowed to carry out a major attack on Kenya for sending troops in.Police have said that the Somali militant group is suspected of killing at least 30 Kenyan civilians since Kenyan troops entered Somalia.

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