People Panic Over Condoms In S.A

During their centenary celebrations party at the beginning of this year, the African National Congress gave away 1,350,000 condoms.

That was well and good and very much in the spirit of celebrating.The only problem is the condoms are said to be breaking and most are porous.

According to AIDS activist Sello Mokhalipi of the Treatment Action Campaign, people have been contacting his organisation in their thousands complaining of mishaps such as condoms bursting during sex.

To their credit the health department of Free State province who are responsible for giving away the free condoms before the Jan. 6-8 celebrations, recalled the whole batch of condoms but it could be a bit too late for some because that was a good 12 days later.

The news has made a number of people who used these condoms panic (who wouldn’t) this however is not the first time that there is a large scale mess-up when it comes to condoms in S.A. In 2007, the government had to recall more than 20 million defective condoms that were manufactured locally.

If there was ever a lesson to be learnt from all this is never to trust anything given for free.