Would You Pay For Facebook?

Facebook is good at making money, they make tonnes of it. According to a report, Facebook will generate $4.27 billion in revenue this year.

Most of this money comes from self-service ads, which appear on the right side of the screen on Facebook, Engagement ads, Gifts and other virtual goods games and applications all add to the company’s income.

So for now Facebook is Free and I sure hope it continues to be. However once in a while there are rumours that come up that say it wont be free forever.

One of the reasons why this rumour has recently surfaced in some cirlces is because word has been going round that the company intends to be listed on the stock exchange some time around June 2012. It is said they want to raise big money…about 100 billion dollars.

Such news always bring uneasiness to some Facebook users regarding whether the company will continue to be free or start charging.

These fears have some logic to it because when a company gets 100 billion dollars from investors the pressure to make more profit also increases. This in turn increases the temptation for managers to consider charging users.

If Facebook begins to charge it will be bye-bye, goodbye and so long, to the romance I have had with the social website. Would you pay to use Facebook ?

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