Outrageous gifts NOT to get your man for Christmas

So you framed your adorbs picture with bae and gave it to him as a Christmas present to which he disappointed by not pulling out that engagement ring.

Well it’s about time you got your shizzle together and finally get him that gift that is guaranteed to get you from Miss to Mrs in 30 seconds ( I kid) .

Stop palpitating! I am no love whisperer but I have the ultimate list of gifts that you should not even think of getting him.

  1. Gym Membership
    No one wants to be told that they could use losing a few pounds to be considered attractive especially during the holidays when the only beat you want to hear is “Do you want extra chicken honey?” . So ditch that idea and if you really want bae to sweat it out then do some cardio.
  2. Beer
    He probably can afford beer because how else has he been buying his beer all year .Unless the beer is $1K and has flown from Italy –forget about it and in any case beer isn’t sentimental and sweet . Beer is a no, except for some random Friday night that isn’t Christmas
  3. Kitchen Utensils
    Till he marries you he is likely to be buying his supper from Mai John along the road or the supermarket’s deli section. So don’t be making him cook unless he knows how to and can cook. There is no point buying that pot set and razor sharp knives for the bachelor that can’t tell the difference between cabbage and lettuce .If you feel like giving kitchen utensils, give them away at a wedding.

Anci is a  fanatical book lover with no reading prejudices and a wide range of genre loves ,but her heart will always skip a beat for romance .She likes chocolate-covered raisins even if they aren’t sweet , newspapers even though its nerdy and writing even in pajamas

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