Hillsborough and Marikana Similarities

As David Cameron read the verdict on the inquest of the Hillsborough tragedy where 96 people died, every one in the House of Commons was stunned, “How could the truth take so long to emerge?” As the truth of the case unfolded one could immediately see the similarity that happened not 23 years but a few weeks ago at theLonmin platinum mine in Marikana, where 34 workers died.

The Police

At Hillsborough the police were incompetent they opened a gate into pen 3 and 4 which as already crowded at people were crushed. At Marikana one could easily argue that the police took the wrong action in dealing with the crowd

The Victims are accused

At Hillsborough the police went on a smear campaign accusing the crowd of being football hooligans, drunk, stealing and beating a police officer. A lot of accusations were made but it emerged yesterday that about 164 police statements were falsified in order to smear the victims. At Marikana it is the other miners who were on strike that are being charged.

The Media

After Hillsborough the Media went with the police story and tarnished the reputation of the innocent victims. United Kingdom biggest newspaper the Sun was the one that led the smear campaign but with disastrous consequences because for the last 23 years the paper is not distributed in Liverpool. The foreign Media has done its best to portray the Marikana miners as weapon wielding and aggressive.

Justice for the 96 and Julius Malema

The two J’s as I would like to refer to them, the JFT 96 campaigned tirelessly and it took them 23 years for the truth to finally come out. Yesterday I head Bruce Grobellar, Kenny Daglish and others wondering why it took 23 years for the truth to emerge. Julius Malema is a controversial figure and some people say he talks too much but I dare say if he keeps quite at this particular time the truth will never come out. In South Africa the media has black listed him but at least he is a lone voice.  At least he is a voice of for the miners it’s not about his motives but about justice.

I hope it will not take 23 years for the truth to emerge from the Marikana incident.

This article was provided by Taffy Mazu, a regular reader of 3-mob.com

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