Officers Sleeping While Gen Mujuru’s House Was Burning

Reports coming from the inquest on the death of general Mujuru claim that the police officers who were on duty were taking a nap when the deadly fire that killed the general broke out.

Sleeping on the job for a police officer is one of those no-no’s that a person is not supposed to do, just like a priest sleeping with a married woman, or a politician rigging votes ( scratch the last point on politicians, I forgot vote rigging was now standard practise)

Anyway the point is that the police are meant to protect the community, our nights in shining amour rushing to the rescue when the need arises, but when we hear reports like this, we tend to wonder what the hell is happening.

Countless movies and television series all over the world have been made on the great work that the police do, in fact I stopped counting the TV shows I know at around 217. That means that the police are an important facet of our society.

However it looks like something has seriously gone wrong with our police force. There used to be a sense of pride that came with being a member of the police, but that, for some inexplicable reason seems to have dissipated into oblivion.

As for the officers snoozing on the job it is hard to tell who is worse, them or the fire bridge.It is one of those hard choices to make because it’s really difficult to choose between police officers who sleep on the job or firemen who have a habit of going to put out fires… without any water in their fire-trucks.


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