Nigerians The Most Sexually Satisfied People In The World

Now Zimbabwean brothers can understand why our women are following the Nigerian cats at the moment.

According to Durex, Nigerians are the most sexually satisfied people in the world. They lead the race in the average time they spend having sex. Durex says they average 24 minutes while the quickest are the Indians on 13 minutes.

Nigerian women ranked highest at being the most unfaithful with 54% of them admitting to cheating on their spouses. What they says is that if you see a Nigerian woman you have a chance of getting some but if her husband catches you, he is going to chop you up or if their movies are to be believed, cast a spell on you. Second were South Korean women at 34%.

The survey was from a sample of 26,000 people over 26 countries.

The least satisfied were the Japanese with 15% saying they enjoyed their sex life while the Nigerians had a 67% pass rate.

There was one thing where the Nigerians didn’t lead. The Greeks have sex 164 times a year followed by the Brazilians who do it 145 times a year. South Africans do it 120 times a year. The Japanese fancy it just 48 times a year. 48! That is less than once a week.

Zimbabwe was not mentioned in the survey.

Where do you think Zimbabwe will figure if the survey had included us? How sexed up are we?