Nigerians Demonstrate In Zimbabwe

Nigerians living in Zimbabwe yesterday staged a demonstration in front of their embassy in Harare seeking the intervention of their country’s ambassador to stop their alleged ill-treatment by Zimbabwe’s Immigration Department.

Although the demonstrators exact claims are unclear the Nigerians say they are mistreated by Zimbabwe immigration officials. The Nigerians are said to have directed their anger towards their ambassador using rather unkind words .

Those that do a bit of travelling will know that every country has a different approach regarding immigration regulations and frankly we don’t think being asked many questions and being denied visas can be defined mistreatment.

Every family in Zimbabwe has an aunt or uncle who has been denied a visa or has had nightmarish experiences at Heathrow or JFK airport or whatever distant place Zimbabweans are now travelling to. The fact of the matter is that a country has a right to accept or deny a person entry into a country and usually don’t need to explain their reasoning for denying entry.

As for our Nigerian brothers being rowdy and rude to their ambassador  is a bit silly because if their claims are legitimate he is probably the only person who can help them bring the issue to the attention of Zimbabwean senior immigration officials.

Source: DailyNews