Foreign Movies: Good or Bad for Zim Movie Industry?

The past ten or so years has seen a large influx of foreign movies ( especially West African movies) making their way to Zimbabwe.While such movies are a cheap source of entertainmment, various issues arise from the consumption of such foreign made movies.

Zimbabweans have always accepted the diversity of different countries and cultures of the world. This is good because any progressive society should be an inclusive one even when it comes to choosing whatever entertainment they so wish. Therefore this article is not about banning all foreign made movies, so please dont get it twisted.

However by watching more and more foreign made movies we are infact promoting the arts industries where those movies are made. In otherwords by buying those movies we are paying the salaries of those people and sustaining their industry. This comes at the cost that our local arts indutry suffers.

Many people in Zimbabwe will argue that there is not enough good Zimbabwean made movies on the market and since its a free market economy demand meets supply. Indeed this is true and people can not be forced to buy poor quality poducts all in the name of supporting the local arts. However such support can begin at grassroots level. By attending the plays that are performed by various groups around Zimbabwe. We see them everyday on the main streets in our cities or at our growth- points or when they visit our schools. They need our support, and when I say support I mean money support.

The artists need to up their game too. They need to constantly improve on their art and think through some of their acts. Most street theatre acts leave many of their supporters very unhappy. Just because they are up and coming actors actresses, does not mean they have a licence to bore people with amatuerish acting, poorly written scripts,  and poor stage coordination.  However this is not to say all acts are like this there are many good acts out there if one chooses to get tuned into the Zimbabwe arts and theatre scene.


  • Lane123

    I really like your website. Some foreign movies are not good for Zimbabwe at all because they cause the eroding of our culture. When I was in Joburg recently I saw many Zims buying violent DVDs one of them caught my eye, it was titled “the Assasination of Mugabe.” It’s origin was probably somewhere outside Africa. Some movies have a purpose like that DVD, to put ideas into people’s minds.

    • Thanks… for liking our site…

      You are absolutely right about the insertion of ideas. A lot of hollywood’s movies are made to give the impression that the US will always save the world. So ideas are repeatedly inserted.

      The thing is how does our industry fight back