Nigerian Man Marries 2 Women In 4 Days

In a really bizarre case, a Nigerian man has married two women in four days in Zimbabwe.

The man was initially deported as George Asinayo in 1998 and then sneaked back into the country as Henry Inedoro. He married Asshla Madziwanzira on 16 July 2004. Four days later he married Rumbidzai Chitova. In the second marriage he simply told the marriage officer that he was a bachelor and was granted the license.

According to the law a foreigner must produce a certificate to prove that they are not married. What we find strange is that someone can get married twice in four days using the same name. If he had used a different name then we could excuse it but what due diligence is being done to avoid this sort of fraud. You don’t want to think it but one wonders (ZBC voice) if the magistrate was not complicit in this scam.

Recently, we ran a story in which a Zimbabwean singer, Theresa Mavhima  was married to someone without her knowledge and the same person went on to get wed someone else. That matter has still not ended and it sends chills down your spine when you think of what else might be going on at Rotten Row.

Inedoro by the way has been sentenced to $100 fine or 20 days in jail after which he will be deported. Of course he will be back.

With information from The Herald (Zimbabwe)

  • Rotten What

    You said it. It’s Rotten. Oops Rotten Row.

  • Fopo

    Lol!! But before we point fingers maybe lets think computerisation as the way to go! Who remembers faces and even names when u see 100 plus strangers on a daily basis?

    • Yah but surely someone shouldn’t be able to just walk in and get married ka1