Naughty boys and girls embrace the gift of the ‘all-night prayer meetings’

Zimbabwe is a very religious nation. And there are a lot of religions and denominational persuasions and factions within denominational interests, some for money and some for more money.

And then of course in what Christendom would call the Pentecostal type of churches there is this thing they call the all night prayer. Believers meet at a place and they pray and do whatever religious people do all night, usually from around 8 or 10 pm till between 5 and 6 in the morning.

With this sacrifice they want blessings and all that other stuff.

Now that is all very well and good but there has been an increasing amount of young boys and girls who leave home claiming the are going to an all-night prayer meeting when they are out, well, not praying. If there are references to God, I can tell you for sure that they will generally have nothing to do with the context which their parents –  or the Almighty himself – would want expressed.

Some go and sleep over at their preferred partner’s house for the kind of activity that would make their parents cringe. Others are out in clubs engaging in all types of nefarious activity. I have seen this. I have been in the company of some of these kids – and some not so kiddish – and in some instances when they receive a call from said parent, they sneak off into a quiet place and tell said parent that they are involved in the most serious of divine business.

In some instances the parent is at the all-night as well, but somehow the kids sneak off even if round the corner to have sex with preferred partner.

It is a bit sad to be honest because it just means, well, I don’t think I have to spell it out! Here is hoping I haven’t given other kids some ideas.

But it is not just the kids. Are you sure your wife or husband is where they are when they say they are at an all-night prayer meeting? Oh-oh..