Mutare Satanist Arrested On Murder Charges

An 18 year-old man who allegedly admitted to killing his employer’s daughter by slitting her throat and then sucking her blood to quench his thirst has been arrested.

Thomas Zvapanganwa, a self-confessed satanist, was confirmed as having been arrested and that he would be charged with murder.

The suspected is said to have killed Taremedza Mareere when she returned from choir practice. Zvapanganwa took advantage of the fact that he was alone. He committed the murder in the bathroom.

The crime was only discovered later in the evening when the girl’s mother got home. With the help of a neighbour she discovered her daughter dead.

The gruesome murder being linked to satanism comes on the back of a recent debate over whether satanism actually exists in Zimbabwe. There was an incident earlier this year when children at a primary schools were said to have been possessed by the devil.

Some people say that madness is just described as satanism by those who do not understand it.

That there is a cult that subscribes to Satan in this country is while uncomfortable probably true. Whether this young man is a satanist however is another matter altogether.

Either way, it is creepy.

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