Muripo Wins In SA Competition

Former karate world champion, Samson Muripo, won the Open weight category at the Southern Africa Kyokushin Union Karate championships on Saturday in South Africa.

The tournament attracted fighters from various full contact styles such as ashihara, IFK, kyoukushinkai and kyokushinkan.

Muripo who is supposed to attend another tournament in Japan in November, said-

“This was a very good platform for my preparations. It was quite tough because I fought South Africa’s champion but I managed to beat him on the game plan, I was a bit wise on that”

Zimbabwe were supposed to send seven fighters, but ended up sending a team of four fighters — Tawanda Mufundisi, Kelly Mtisi, Nicholas Muchatisi and Muripo.

Asked to comment on the performance of the team a Zimbabwe Karate Union official said there was need to find sponsorship for local teams so that they have an equal training platform with fighters from other countries.

At some point sporting organisations need to stop citing lack of sponsorship as the reason why our teams don’t perform well in competitions.

The reason people join unions, associations and clubs is so that the said organisations pool resources to assist its members obtain sponsorship which they would have otherwise failed to do on their own.

The fact of the matter is that some of these organisations are poorly run and are not innovative when it comes to seeking sponsorship, no one is just going to give anyone money, it requires a little bit of creativity.

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