Mujuru Inquest:More Questions Than Answers

More than 40 witnesses have been summoned to testify at the inquest on the death of the late Army General Solomon Mujuru. However early reports emanating from the inquest have got people saying, “Whats that got to do with the death of Mujuru”

Take for instance the latest news coming from the inquest which say that forensic investigations concluded that Mujuru was not drunk at the time of his death; a report like that only confirms what people already know. It almost makes one feel like saying “come on get to the part that really matters.”

For instance explaining how the veteran guerrilla leader did not escape from the fire which left parts of the house and some furniture intact could be helpful, or explaining how he could have failed to escape through the farmhouse’s low-level windows, or explaining what it is that sounded like gunfire that a security guard at the property heard two hours before the fire, or what caused the intensity of the fire that left the late General badly charred.

The death of Mujuru has made many people propagate different theories on what killed him. Some reports say a candle may have tilted over accidentally during a power outage, but this speculation was dismissed by most Zimbabweans.

The inquest is expected to last at least a week. Normally such an inquest is not meant to determine guilt but establish cause of death. Closure when a person dies under suspicious conditions is always good but this inquest for some strange reason already feels like a talk-shop with nothing new that is going to come out of it.

General Mujuru was one of the most influential leaders in Zimbabwe’s war of liberation, he died in a fire that gutted his house in August 2011.

We hope more tangible findings will emerge from the inquest, least it raises more questions than answers.

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