Mufakose Man Changes Mother’s Diapers

A Mufakose man is reported to be nursing his paralysed mother, 58 year old Elizabeth Mudimba, after four of her daughters abandoned her despite her state of helplessness.

H-Metro reports that Stephen Chamukoma spoon feeds,showers and even changes his mother’s pampers when she soils herself.  His mother has been sick since 2006 after she got paralysed.

A man seeing his mother’s genitals is taboo in Zimbabwean culture and indeed most African cultures. However Stephen claims that he closes his eyes each time he takes his mother to the shower or when he changes her pampers.

It is stange that the daughters would abandon their mother at such a time and the other females of the family where are they ? There are facts about this case we will never know but I suppose everyone has their problems. The moral of this story is that the community togetherness that Zimbabweans seem to pride ourselves in, is now just wishful thinking.

As for poor Stephen I honestly think there are times when he has had to half-open his eyes.

  • Gono-tsotsi

    May God abundantly bless Steven. It might be taboo… Am Shona like him… But if female members abandon our mum, what other option does Steven have.