Mozambique Denies Switching ZESA Off

Hydro Cahora Bassa the Mozambican company that supplies ZESA with electricity has denied cutting power to Zimbabwe.

This denial technically casts doubt on the validity of a statements believed to have been made by Energy and Power Development Minister Elton Mangoma who is reported as stating that Mozambique had switched off supplies to Zimbabwe on Thursday or Friday last week. The reason that had been given was a debt which is in the region of $76 million.

We think someone somewhere is not being entirely honest and besides the politic that people may want to play, such misinformation has the potential to create deep rifts between the two nations. Which would be sad given the close political and social relationships that Zimbabwe and Mozambique share.

Some Zimbabweans were rather upset when they heard that Mozambique had switched the power off. This is understandable because Zimbabwe and Mozambique have a long history of helping each other out which dates back to both countries liberation struggle.

The reality of this whole issue (regardless of the fact that Mozambique might owe us a favour or two) is that we need to pay our bills.