A Moment With…Tendai Musoni

We caught up with our friend, actress Tendai Musoni at the 19th Annual New York African Film Festival 2012, where she and Kudzai Sevenzo were promoting their latest film “Playing Warriors” by Rumbi Katedza.

Tendai, had her first acting job on a Zimbabwe radio drama that aired (2003-2004) called “Mopani Junction” in which she played the role of Rumbi. The drama also starred Prudence Katomeni Mbofana. Tendai’s efforts in this play were awarded with the Merit Award for Best supporting Actress.

Since then the energetic and feisty actress has not looked back and some of her work includes appearing in Tanyaradzwa a feature film: Written and directed by Tawanda Gunda. She won Best Upcoming Actress 2006 AMAA, for her role as Ajira.

She has also performed live theatre appearing in “Intimate Affairs” a play by Stephen Chifunyise and “Alone but Together” Directed by Walter Muparutsa.

The last born of nine children, she works from her base in London and is married Anopa Makaka (film director), they have two children. When she’s not on stage or in front of the camera she in the studio doing voice acting and voice-over work.

Above- L to R- Kudzi Sevenzo, Prudence Mbofana, and Tendai Musoni on the set of the movie “Playing Warriors”

While in New York We took time to ask Tendai a few questions-

What is your government name?

Tendai Musoni

What do you like to call yourself?


What is the most ridiculous nickname you have ever had?

Half Pint, but I actually liked it.

Which side of the bed do you sleep on?

On the right

Are you left-handed or right-handed?

Right handed

What is your favourite acting role?

I enjoy all the roles I pick, but I really enjoyed acting as “Maxi” in “Playing Warriors”

What is the first movie you fell in love with?

“The Colour Purple”

Best movie premiere you have ever been to?

“A Beautiful Mind”

Of the lines you have ever said in a movie which one is your favourite?

Enda unoroorwa nemupostori!!! (Go get married to a member ofthe  Apostolic faith sect)

How do you deal with groupies?

Not groupies just my family. I love them back.

How excited were you when the first groupie hollered at you?

I was humbled. It’s always a great feeling to have someone acknowledge your work.

Where is Zimbabwean film going?

We are heading in the right direction. It’s inspiring to see more films coming out of Zim each year. The more films we make, the better chances the industry has to grow. The more we grow the more recognition the industry gets and hopefully that will translate to increase revenue.

Where is your acting going?

As far as it will let me. The sky is the limit. I am actually working on a number of exciting projects at the moment.

What do you want to be remembered for?

I would like to be remembered for my passion and love for film. And for my contribution to the industry, representing Zimbabwe to the fullest!!