So Many Miserable People on Valentine’s Day

Today people dress in red. And it is one day that the MDC can take pictures and claim it was a demonstration in support of whatever they are after.

But traditionally it that commercial holiday again. St Valentine’s Day. The day when people  are supposed to show they love each other and stuff. It is the chocolate, the flowers and the dinner. Now I have no problem with chocolate and flowers and dinner. I am just saying it is the one day that you have to buy them or else.

But it is also what someone called on twitter yesterday, single awareness day. It is as if those who have been single for the past year suddenly realise that they are indeed alone. They bitch about it for a bit and cry about why noone loves them and all that rubbish. Hmm sometimes it as if they act as if love is an entitlement. But I won’t get into that right now.

Running down my timeline on Facebook and Twitter you realise that there are a lot of lonely people. And by lonely I mean people without partners. I am not talking about those who do have partners but are still lonely. And some have been like that since Adam was a little boy and you wonder what’s going on.

Of course, misery is not the preserve of the lonely. There is that group that are in relationships and there has been that big argument. Today is kinda awkward isn’t it? Then there are those who are just dating someone cause they asked. Spare a thought for the other person. Also those who are dating someone when they would rather be another. Oh dear… And finally the ones that are small houses, the mistress. Today she doesn’t see him because he is with his wife.

Oh Valentine. What have you done?