Ministry Of Education Investigates UNICEF-Donated Books Fraud

It seems as if something fishy is happening at some schools in Zimbabwe as textbooks  donated under the Education Transition Fund are now being sold by vendors on the streets.

The Ministry of Education along with UNICEF in the first phase of the ETF has distributed more than 22 million textbooks to all primary and secondary schools in Zimbabwe. The Ministry said in a statement it had transported the textbooks to the schools with the help of UNICEF with each school receiving steel cabinets to guard against theft.

It is now reported that the donated textbooks which normally retail from $12 to $20 are selling on the streets for $7 to $10 dollars each. The Progressive Teachers Union says that it has been confiscating books from some street vendors.

Secretary general Raymond Majongwe of the Progressive Teachers Union said-

We are now getting reports that certain schools never received certain books, there are others that have been lost through the school structure, there are some that have been stolen, there are others coming from uncertified sources.

It’s kind of sad when people are short-sighted and fail to see the negative effects of wanting easy dollar money. In this case those that suffer are the students.

Source: voa