Millers Cafe Borrowdale: Our Readers Respond With Their Experiences

We had a massive response to our article on Millers Cafe Borrowdale in Harare and we thought we might share with you what some of our readers had to say.


u are very rite coz wen went thur ther was one or two people inside n they wouldnt let us sit at one of the booths we whr so pissd we left we aint going back thur.


yu shld,nt hev minced ya wrdz on issue of bing racial,bin humiliated b4,in millers baba,,,dey are so so arrogant,,rude,plus very racial


you guys y u scared of those pple, ini they nw knw me coz i say the truth rite there in front of them pple. I shuld enjoy my freedom everywhere i go. I was there the 1st day they opened and e service was so shocking becoz they thot i cnt afford or something like tat. And i told them imi ma waiters u r blacks and u cnt support ur sister munnopenga chete. Give wat i need on time and give me e same service u r giving mr and mrs Roberts….


Yeah, I’ve had crap service in both Millers and I’m white, so is my fiancee and when we were at Millers in Borrowdale,we were with some Korean friends. They’re not racist, they’ve just got crap service.


Millers Borrowdale is the worst! Was there once last year and I swore I’d never return. It’s racism and plain shoddiness combined.


 Millers Balantyne park, went for lunch and we wer told it ws fully booked although there wer no reserved signs on tables… after making noise we wer given a table.. we left after three and three quarters of the tables were empty.. there must have been 12 of us in the whole restaurant till end of lunch.. the not so shy manager offered us free desert which we refused… started making stupid jokes and we totaly ignored the fool..


I found a fly in my pasta there once! Disgusting! It depends when u go there because when me and my mom went there during the December holidays on a Friday night we got a table easy without booking or bribes.


Really…when I went there the service seemed cool…

You can read the responses we have not included here  in the comments area of the original article by clicking here.

It also seems we are not the only blog who are bit put off by Millers Cafe. You can also have a look at what our friends at Misfit had to say.

Looks like it might be bad service, racism  or a combination of both. We think it is just bad service really. Really bad service. You can’t have that many people complaining and everything is already.

  • Anonymous

    Pse dont shout at me this is my opinion this racism thing sometimes is overly sensationalised. I get this feeling that sometimes we just walking with chips on our shoulders. Am a black Zimbabwean woman who attended multi-racial schools & i for one never experienced it.

    • Might be true or maybe you just got used to be treated in a racist way that it became normal to you.

    • NginathaAmahewuPhansiKoMthunzi

      yes MaiGamu, because you went to multi-racial schools and have never experienced racism therefore it either cannot exist or is overly sensationalised? I may partly agree with you we sometimes walk with chips on our shoulders waiting to yell racism/tribalism/sexism and many other isms that draw some kind of sympathy or reaction BUT till the victim says it made them feel otherwise then it should be treated as such. Now go to the kitchen and make a sandwich (oh im sorry – did that sound sexist? see what i mean?) But i get what you saying.

  • Ngorohs

    if they are racist the chance that they will temper with your food behind the counter is high these things do happen they spit, put phlegm or they Will rub their hands down below and then touch the food so if you are clever and wise the best thing is to avoid that place at all if they do not want to serve blacks then blacks should avoid going there unless if you are black and and misguided into thinking that being wealthy you will be treated the same as whites it is time for you to open your eyes and see reality i know in Africa we have got people who want to align themselves with whites one thing they should remember is that no matter how rich they are they can not change the skin they have