Mermaids Halt Dam Projects

A lot has been said about mermaids in the African culture and the different version all seem to point to the existence of these half-human half-fish creatures.

We shall not be quick to discount their existence, but we just did not expect that they would be the subject of Zimbabwe parliamentary debates.

We were stunned when we read a Herald article which reported that Water Resources Development and Management Minister Samuel Sipepa Nkomo informed some member of the senate that mermaids were preventing Government officials from installing water pumps at dams in Gokwe and Mutare.

We think pointing to the mystic and supernatural such as blaming mermaids seems too easy a scapegoat for when things go wrong.

Some people have now called for rites to be performed. If indeed there are such disturbances caused by mermaids then the responsible ministries should have done whatever was necessary to complete the project.

If it means performing rites is what is what needed to be done then so be it. It’s a bit worrying that we as a nation always find random excuses for not getting the job done on time.

This story just reminded us of the last time there were calls at government level for rites to be performed. It happened when a fake spirit medium in Chinhoyi made absurd claims that there was pure oil was gushing from under a rock. The irony of all this is that some people actually bought this lie hook, line and sinker. So forgive us for thinking that this whole mermaid story is a bit suspicious.

Maybe we will be convinced when we see a picture, because surely in the age of phones with cameras how come no one has ever taken a single picture of at least one mermaid?