Mereki Opening Delayed

A few days ago Harare City Council gave the green-light to reopen KwaMereki braaing spot. It seems it has now decided that in view of the current typhoid outbreak reopening might not be a good move after all.

The Herald quotes City spokesman Mr Leslie Gwindi as saying:

“We are reviewing the situation on a daily basis to check on typhoid. Until we are satisfied that there is no more typhoid in the city we then reconsider the reopening. We do not have a specific date yet.”

This news may not go down well with those who enjoy drinking and eating meat in the open. The delay of the opening also means a lot of people who earn a living selling food and other “wares” are affected.  It is such people we sympathise with.

We however think that this is a good opportunity for people to explore more sanitary past-times.