Why Men Have To Lie To Get Laid

It is common cause that if a man needs to get some from a woman then he has to be creative with the truth.

Let’s face it. If you had an honest opinion about life then you would die a virgin or only had sex with with Nicki Minaj type girls.

When a man is honest a woman gets offended. Honesty is seen as dangerous and out of order. Of course sometimes with a woman who doesn’t give a hoot or is interested in your wallet, it works.

It’s getting worse now with sensitivities because now men get judged when they say the most honest thing and it is turned into something misogynistic. It’s not a good look because now honesty is dead.

Let’s face it ladies, if a man is honest, loyal, lovable, almost perfect, you lose interest. When he is incredibly flawed then yea

Maybe that is the reason many people are in so many dishonest, often-failing relationship because the foundation is terrible. Well terrible is not he honest word. It is what we could think of right now.

In fact have look at the video we have posted below. This brother could not have said it better.

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  • Problem is people are forced to use their misleading persona’s in this pop culture world. Turn off the television, or at least MTV & BET not forgetting our own Channel O.