Three Men On A Boat Changing To Chinese

We are glad to announce that this website will soon be published in Mandarin Chinese.

Although we are currently not sure of the exact date when this will happen, this move has been necessitated by the overwhelming demands by Chinese people in urging us to publish only in Chinese.

As most readers may know we have covered a lot of stories about the Chinese some of them include- a story we published a few weeks ago of the Chinese dude who impregnated a married woman and simply vanished from his work place.

There was that group of Chinese men who were working for a communication company without work permits who were deported.

Another group of Chinese who were charged for contravening the nation’s animal welfare laws for “extreme cruelty” this was after the men ate 27 of the 40 endangered tortoises they had bought.

The Chinese have been good to the nation of Zimbabwe for a long time. They always come through for us during the most difficult parts of our history.The Chinese were there for us during our war of liberation and even during the economic hardship that we are recovering from they stood right by our side.

Since one good turn deserves another,this is our small way of acknowledging that the Chinese are now among us.

Please let us know what you think.

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    is this an april fools joke?