MDC-T Distances Itself From Sen Femai’s Remarks

The MDC-T party has finally come out and distanced itself from the rather childish remarks made by Chikomo Senator Mr Morgan Femai pertaining to the spread of HIV.

Sen Femai last week shocked HIV activists and the general public when he said the disease was spreading at an alarming rate because men find it difficult to resist women because they are becoming more attractive.

He then went on to say that women should keep themselves dirty and less attractive to curb the spread of HIV.

In a statement, MDC-T said –

“The MDC notes with concern utterances in the public media attributed to Senator for Chikomo Hon Morgan Femai on HIV and AIDS.
“It is unfortunate that some sections of the media have interpreted these remarks to be the party position”

While we know the senators remarks might not be the party’s position it certainly gives us an eerie and unsettling feeling in the stomach to realise that we still have among us, people who think like the Hon Morgan Femai.