Mbuya Nehanda Tree Falls

The tree where the valiant Nehanda Nyakasikana’s physical life is said to have ended at the hands of the white settlers in 1896, fell today. The tree which was situated on the corner of Josiah Tongogara Ave and Sam Nujoma Street.

The circumstances under which the iconic tree fell are still unclear. I hope there was no foul play as the history of Zimbabwe as encapsulated in that historical site. The history of the liberation of Zimbabwe cannot be said to be complete without mentioning the peerless efforts of Mbuya Nehanda.

Fallen Mbuya Nehanda tree - Photo Courtesy of Rudo Nyangulu

Fallen Mbuya Nehanda tree from different angle - Photo Courtesy of Rudo Nyangulu

UPDATE: Zimbo Jam Editor Mitchelle Ajida just tweeted this : Information says the #MbuyaNehanda tree was knocked over by road contractors 

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