Mayweather Knocks out Ortiz

The fight between Mayweather and Ortiz had a rather scrappy ending and some would say bizzare, but Floyd “Money” Mayweather managed to out-box Ortiz to maintain his perfect record of 42-0.

The action and unusual end came in the fourth round at a time when Ortiz seemed to landing a flurry of punches. He however made the silly mistake of trying to head-butt  Mayweather. This then sparked off events that ended with Ortiz on the floor looking clueless about processings of the day .

Upto this point the match looked like it was destined to be a good bout with both men trading leather, while Mayweather used his experience to dictate the pace and was ahead on points, Ortiz was eagar for an upset.

When the match was stopped for the head-butt attempt the two seemed to be kissing and making up as the ref looked away. Ortiz had his hands down at which point Mayweather unleashed two explossive punches to the head that sent Ortiz straight to the floor. Now some would say Mayweather didnt win fair and square but the rules are to “protect yourself at all times” and Mayweather played by them.

As far as his legacy goes, this fight may be the little blemish he doesnt want  especially as he is coming  towards the end. But in all fairness Floyd uses intelligence in the ring. He sets traps lauls oponents then takes advantage of any opportuinties that come up.  Mayweather is a clever boxer who out-thinks and counter- punches opponents and he will try to get in and out of the ring with the least damage as possible.   On the other hand Ortiz was happy to be fighting one of the greatest and for the $2 milion he was reported to get. Although hes a good boxer he showed inexperience aganist his older adversary.

Mayweather co-promoted the fight with Golden Boy Promotions owned by his friend Oscar De lahoya showing that boxers now approach the game differently. Floyd just bagged $ 40 milion as promoter and boxer evidence that boxers are nolonger waiting to be exploited by killing themself in the ring for peanuts, they now understand the busines.

Mayweather knows his career will not be defined by this fight, he knows his defining fight is going to be with Pacquaio.And at 34 he knew he needed to end the fight without getting hurt. The fans were obviously dissapointed because they wanted the two to slug it out. But i have seen shorter Mike Tyson fights and Mayweather who has made so much money which he still needs to enjoy knows not to do things that will result with him suffering with Parkinson’s.