Is Marriage Dead ?

Those that have time to waste keeping up with American celebrity news already know that Kim Khardasian the girl who is famous for being famous, recently filed for divorce. Kim ended the misery of the man who used to be her husband (sorry I forgot what his name is, but I’m sure he plays basketball or something) she then left America on a promotional tour to Australia.

Oh did I mention that the divorce came only after 72 days!  This however does not come as a surprise because entertainment insiders had already speculated that this was a business deal made in TV land. It is said money and greed were the only motive and love was no where near when the cheques were being signed.

Marriage has faced a lot of challenges lately even in Zimbabwe. Friends with benefits, threesomes with married people, smallhouses and one nightstands have now become the order of the day. Yet Zimbabwe was for a long time a rather conservative country.

As much as I may personally have one or two issues with the institution of marriage I have great respect for what it seeks to achieve.  I think marriage still has its place in Zimbabwean society. However judging by what is happening these days it appears more and more Zimbabwean men and women are becoming less and less interested in it.

On that same note, reports are alleging that Justin Bieber the 17 year old singing star could have had backstage hanky-panky with a 20-year-old woman called Mariah Yeater which resulted in a child being born. It is said that Mariah has since filed a paternity suit…. Ah well.


  • Nice article! You know, its sad. i look at my parents’ marriage and aspire to someday find and keep something like that; where there is respect, commitment, compromise, and loyalty. it’s not perfect, but the togetherness is amazing. despite the changes they’ve gone thru as individuals and the changes in our country, our economy, our society – tradition and culture, the respect, love and loyalty has kept them together. and then i look at all my married friends, at my experience with (failed) relationships, i recall all the gossip in hair salons, at work, at the pub and find myself wondering what the future of the institution of marriage is, if it has a chance and what all that means to me. it’s not a pretty picture.

    • All that stuff has always existed. you will be surprised what some of our parents went through but they stayed the course. Kids nowadays have too much of a sense of entitlement. That if things they are not perfect they must be a disaster.